Feast finance is a community driven frictionless deflationary donation & yield farming token that aims through charity partnerships feed families in need. All FEAST holders receive an automatic 2% redistribution rewards per transaction directly into their wallets just by holding FEAST.

FEAST can be bought in uniswap, pancakeswap, and FEGex (Coming Soon).

FEAST Finance is listed in coinmarketcap (CMC), coingeko (CG), coinpaprika, coincheckup, and blackfolio. Make sure you add FEAST to your watchlist.

At 50% back hole holdings the starting burn rate is 1% of every transaction (TX).

50% of the tokens where burn at launch for each ETH and BSC chains. Every transaction (TX) burns a starting 1%. As the black hole holdings grow the burn rate accelerates. At 60% burn rate is 1.2%, at 70% burn rate is 1.4% and at 80% black hole holdings the burn rate is 1.6% of every transaction (TX). Additionally, each transaction generates a 2% redistribution that goes to all holders.

FEAST does not recommend any wallet. But we do strongly suggest if you are new to crypto to always chose a multi chain capable wallet to avoid losing your tokens. FEAST token comes as ERC-20 and BEP-20 pegged tokens. Note that Ethereum (ETH) tokens are ERC-20 format and Binance Smart Chain tokens are BEP-20 format.

You can manually add FEAST Token to your wallet by navigating your wallet settings and adding it as custom token. You will need to ensure which network (ETH or BSC) token you want to add then paste the appropriate contract address as seen in the FAQ.

Contract Address: 0xf2Df8458130F00c94bCDE2Dd3F288cF608187F87

FEAST Finance has a farming partnership with GOLDFARM. You can Farm your FEAST and receive $GOLD, $FEG, and frictionless $FEAST for both ETH and BSC chains. Please visit goldfarm.io using a decentralized app (dapp) browser to see the farming options.

Yes. 5 trillion tokens per transaction (TX) are set to prevent pump & dump.

There is no currently dedicated support team. For any queries you may contact FEAST via email
or telegram.
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: t.me/FEASTchat

No. By no circumstance will a FEAST moderator, representative, helpline, dev, ever contact you. If you ever received an unsolicited message by anyone to claim to be affiliated with FEAST trying to provide help, remember FEAST will never contact you. If you need immediate help leave a comment in our telegram (TG) chat and tag one of the mods. If voice chat is active in TG, please join the voice chat and one of the voice chat mods will provide guidance if applicable to your question.