How to buy FEAST

Step 1 – Select Network of choice:
Ethereum Mainnet (ETH Chain) or BSC (Binance Chain) V1 Liquidity Pool
How to add Binance Chain:
Select "Networks" and click "Custom RPC" then
Network Name: Binance Smart Chain or BSC
Chain ID: 56 | Currency Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

How to buy using Trust Wallet:

1.– Download the app Trust Wallet.
2.– Purchase BNB.
Find Pancake Swap.
(Iphone users may need to enable the trust
browser, then use the browser tab).
4.– Click Select Currency and enter contract address
5.– Once added, click on cog wheel, set the slippage
to between 5-7%.
6.– Set the amount you want to purchase, Press the
SWAP button.
7.– Last, Confirm Transaction.
Step 2 – Click respective link: UNISWAP | PANCAKE